05 April 2009

coming up in the queue ....

Just received in the mail some gorgeous fingering weight yarn from Yarntopia Treasures. Their colorways are gorgeous, by the way. Definitely worth checking out!

Colorway: Sidewinder
Destination: Horcrux Socks.
This picture is not quite true to color. The green is a very bright neon. It is perfect for the Horcrux socks, because the greens match the colors on the cover of the sixth book :) Also, what a perfect name, Sidewinder. Snake, Parselmouth, Slytherin. It all fits. It is destiny.

Colorway: Willow
Destination: Unknown. Possibly the Fawkes socks or the Dragonfly socks. Orrr the third of the Three Sisters scarves by SmokingHotNeedles.

Colorway: River of Lights
Destination: Spring Forward socks!

Another exciting addition will be the ball winder I just order last night! It is going to be in my "Easter basket." It is a lovely gift from my mom. I am so excited!

ETA: If you ever order yarn from Yarntopia Treasures, I advise you to have them wind it for you. Two of the three hanks were complete crap. They were completely tangled and had knots. The third skein is just sitting all alone in a corner because I don't want to deal with winding it. If it feels unloved, it should! Its sisters were bitches. . .

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  1. A ball winder......otherwise known as a swift? If so, I'm jealous. *grins*

    Will I see you wear these socks?