29 March 2009


My dad's birthday is today and yesterday we had a lovely breakfast dinner for him. (To clarify: breakfast for dinner.) Tim [my sister's boyfriend/fiance] made the whole thing. French toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs. It was delicious! For my contribution, I made a Toffee-Apple Cheesecake. I've made cheesecake bars before, but this was my first real cheesecake. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I also made him a cake to take to work. It was weird to put his name instead of Dad, haha.

In the world of all things knitterly, I am becoming a fanatic of socks. For a person who is chronically cold, I cannot see a more useful thing to knit! They are funnn. And to top it off, I finally have my own Harry Potter Opal sock yarn. I saw it years ago before I started knitting, and I wanted it just because. But now I have it AND I get to knit a pair of awesome socks :)

The colorway is Tonks. I would also like to own: Harry, Harry and Ron, Hedwig, Dumbledore, and Draco. Uhh, I think that's almost all of them.. So I'll go for the lot and add Ron and Lupin ;) I plan to knit my Tonks socks in time for the movie release this summer (July 17!)

Also, I finished my Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet. Last Monday, actually. I haven't had the time to block it yet, so pictures still to come.

Must get back to my knitting now. . .

22 March 2009

Proud to Present for the First Time Ever..

A sock made by ME!

I am a sock lover. It is true. Now to experiment with dpn's and two circs to find my favorite way. (After I finish the second one, of course.) It would not do to already be diagnosed with Second Sock Syndrome.

In other super knitting news, I've just begun knitting my first clothing item! It is the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet. It has been quick and easy thus far. I am about halfway done with it right now and I hope to finish it Sunday or Monday. (Darn college exams get in the way of finished objects). But duty calls sooo I need to be getting to bed. Picture of the capelet to come soon. I'm so excited to wear my own knitting at last! Oooh. Goodnight.

19 March 2009

experimentation has never been more yummy or cute :)

At work (MSU Bakers!), we are trying out some decorative cupcakes for next year’s specials.
Here are a few of mine :

I am in love with owls!

In knitting news, I received a package of yarn today I love getting packages. (Honestly, getting mail at the dorm is one of the best things ever. It is also the reason for my addiction to online shopping and my credit card bill.. bleh.)

I am almost done knitting my first sock! I really enjoyed it. I can see myself making many socks. The only part I had trouble with was situating the gusset stitches on two circulars. Hopefully it will go more smoothly in the future!

Happy Knitting!