22 March 2009

Proud to Present for the First Time Ever..

A sock made by ME!

I am a sock lover. It is true. Now to experiment with dpn's and two circs to find my favorite way. (After I finish the second one, of course.) It would not do to already be diagnosed with Second Sock Syndrome.

In other super knitting news, I've just begun knitting my first clothing item! It is the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet. It has been quick and easy thus far. I am about halfway done with it right now and I hope to finish it Sunday or Monday. (Darn college exams get in the way of finished objects). But duty calls sooo I need to be getting to bed. Picture of the capelet to come soon. I'm so excited to wear my own knitting at last! Oooh. Goodnight.


  1. It's YOU!! What a treat. And what a great blog. I wondered who this Gourmet Knits was. I'm super happy it's you. I've added you to my favorites because, of course you are one.

  2. http://blondeintaiwan.blogspot.com/

    This is a blog from someone who knows Alex in Taiwan. Every once in a while she gives me a snippet of information on him. She knows I read her blog daily.