23 November 2009

A Cold Turkey

Today, I am going cold turkey. I am fairly certain it is one of the most agonizing things to endure. I feel the symptoms of withdrawal 100-fold over the boyfriend. Lucky bastard. To manage, I shall depend on caffeine, chewing on straws, knitting, knitting, and more knitting. I honestly don't mind depending on caffeine, seeing as I find it much easier to cut back when I feel the need. Caffeine doesn't give me lung cancer or make running impossible, so I feel it is a cost-and-benefit winner.

This past weekend, New Moon came out in theaters. I've seen it twice. As it is tradition in my world, I've recreated the book cover into a cake.

Project Homemade Christmas is coming along all right. I need to step up the pace, however. The current counts are as follows:

Queued - 11 hats, 1 pair of mitts, 3 sets of dishcloths
WIP's - 1 hat, 2 pairs of mittens, 1 bag
Finished - 3 hats

Let the knitting commence.