31 January 2012

Moving ...

I have made the executive decision to no longer update this blog. I seem to have a difficult time maintaining it. I have found more success with my tumblr, which you can follow the link to.

It's been real. Keep up with my homemade goodies on tumblr!

Thanks for reading :)

02 January 2012

short & sweet {new year's resolutions edition}

My New Year's resolution.. well, they are mostly just goals (a couple being permanent life goals).. are as follows:

-Continue to make healthy decisions (I.e. working out, not smoking <-- it's been two weeks and a day!)

-Read 30 books (I missed my goal of 25 last year by 5, but I was also in school which took a lot of time away)

-Be happier (cherish the simple things in life)

That's all folks!