14 April 2009

easter weekend and FO (yes, one)

Today, I am not feeling well at all and will not being going to any of my classes, so now I have time to put up some pictures from Easter weekend. Beginning Thursday, I finished knitting a little headband that will be part of my mom's Mother's Day gift.

Pattern: Arrowhead Lace Headband
Yarn: Cascade 220, color #2449, 0.2 skeins
Needles: size 7
Start-Finish: April 6 - April 6

It was nice to have something completely finished in the midst of all the socks going on right now. Unrelated to knitting, however, another perfectly awesome moment happened this weekend ....

Yes, that is Kyle and I standing next to the Stanley Cup. Before it was our turn to get our picture taken, Kyle said, "I'm going to pick it up." I warned him against it, but when he is set on doing something, nothing anyone can say will stop him. So, we get up there and have a nice picture taken, and I run for it afterwards, knowing his plan. As soon as he got it about an inch off the table, ten people yelled, "You can't pick it up!" (as I predicted) However, no harm was done, so now Kyle can proudly say that he's held the Stanley Cup! I'd say that's better than an Easter basket.

I did end up getting my ball winder this past weekend. (On Friday, to be exact.) Kyle tried to help me wind a hank of yarn (the yarn for my precious Horcrux socks.. ) and it ended up in a huge tangled mess. I spent all day Saturday trying to get it out, then a few hours on Sunday. Only half of it is safely untangled now. I believe that the hank was twisted and that is partly to blame for the mess, but I will not be asking Kyle to help me again. He was not very sympathetic to my plight. But once half of the mess was untangled, I managed to wind many of my scraps.

They are beautiful spring colors! Another addition to the stash was waiting for me at school when I got back. Some gorgeous Cascade Heritage sock yarn (in Jade) that will be my Clapotis.

Now I need to get away from my computer because it is making me feel even more feverish. Goodbye!

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  1. lmbo - you are so right about Kyle and I'm not the least surprised he picked it up. He would!

    Your yarn collection is beautiful - I'm eager to see the finished projects. Your mom will love her headband. Doesn't she read your blog?