15 November 2011

return from hiatus

I'm baaaack. Okay, so I am in the last month of my college career. It is exciting and terrifying. I think I might be a terrible adult and that sucks. It is taking every ounce of my willpower to not completely ignore my studying and homework assignments. Two of which are due within the next week.. ah!! (Hm, I need to get on that.)

Also, I have misplaced my camera so I am very behind with updating both this blog and my ravelry page. I think it must be hiding in my room under all my WIPs and clothes. My room is far too small for how much fibery goodness I have acquired over that past 4 years at school.

Ohhh.. I'm engaged now too! To Mr. K, of course. The big day will probably be early- to mid-2013. You will, of course, get the latest details (if I can find my camera, hurumph) <-- So no ring picture for you yet, sorry.

I am greatly overwhelmed at present. I am taking every opportunity to get Giftmas knitting/crocheting/crafting done and it is my only link to sanity. I have a few things to show you, which I will capture with the camera on my phone (which isn't actually that bad fortunately! 5 whole mega pixels!)

I shall return with the Giftmas breakdown in a couple days, so come back soon :o)

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  1. Welcome back, and to the family. Shoot, that part's just a formality. You've been a part of this family going on forever. Now stop reading your blog comments and get those assignments done! (said like a mother)