28 November 2011

on the ball

I may or may not have lied about the holiday breakdown, but let's get real here.. I actually was knitting, and not just writing about it. Also, I found my camera (right where I left it in my Camelbak .. )

Here is what I've done:

Several lovelies-- a few hats, a cowl, and some mittens. There seems to be an unintentional tweed theme. What can I say? I can't resist a good tweed yarn ;) It is so cozy! Details on the FOs later when the ends are weaved in, they are blocked, and properly photographed.

I've really and truly been lagging on the project page front, but here's a little peak at a couple of sweaters I finished around late spring/early summer.

Today, I was delighted to shop Cyber Monday over at the Knitpicks website where I claimed several skeins of yarn at a low, low cost. I also threw in some stitch markers (mine grew feet and walked off somewhere ::shifty eyes:: ) and a lint shaver. My sweaters are all in need of a good shave. Hello, weekend project! My goodies should arrive later by Friday-ish, having splurged for 3-day shipping. Yay!

I leave you with a cake that I made this weekend for a baby shower. It was so fun to make a cake at home with my supplies, using actual creativity that is lost in grocery store decorating. It was delightful :) 

Have a good week!

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