09 November 2010

proud [fairy] godmother.

This weekend my amazing boyfriend and I became Godparents to the cutest little man.
Jax is my nephew and I love him so much, it is silly.

This is a picture I took of my beautiful sister (and proud mama of the little cutie she's holding) at the "after party." It was also a celebration of her 27th birthday.

You might notice a hand-knit garment on a little someone? If you did, you would be correct. I knit him a little sweater for his baptism, which was supposed to be a month earlier, but thankfully the sweater still just fit.

Here it is:

Pattern: Baby Sophisticate
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in White
Needles: Size 7 circs
Start - Finish: Sept 27 -Sept 29
Rav link

This was the final fitting of his sweater. I only got one good picture because every time I put him down to take another picture he'd start crying. He's a little spoiled :o)

I'll try to add a few more picture that were taken at the church, but they are on my mom's camera an hour away. It might be a couple weeks.

God Bless you Jaxey. I love your little guts!


  1. Jax is just the cutest and he looks very well-dressed in that prefectly knitted sweater!

  2. He's lucky to have such a gifted and talented auntie. I suspect this won't be the last handmade he will be sporting.