06 October 2009

the most wonderful time of the year

I love fall :) The cool, crisp air and how it smells. Wearing sweaters and jeans. The beautiful colors as the world changes before our eyes. It's an amazing time of year.

and Halloween is just around the corner.

I couldn't find any Halloween sprinkles here in EL.. I was very sad. I'll have to look around GR for my little decorative pumpkins and bats.

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  1. Are you in town on Halloween? I usually go to A&P's for dinner and then I hand out candy while they take the kidlings trick-or-treating. You and Kyle could come over for dinner too and perhaps you might bring along one or two of those darling little spider cupcakes? Heck, you don't really need to bring them along because I'm sure they will have enough sugar, but you can still come for dinner. I suppose I should tell Paula that I'm inviting people to her house.